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PDF Books on Biography and Autobiography

Interwie_mit_finneyWilliam Cochran:
Some interviews
with Charles Finney.
Oberlin Magazine.
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Interwie_mit_finneyAuthor unknown:
The life and diary
of David Brainerd.
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DL-Moody_by_Robert_boyd Robert Boyd:
The wonderful career
of Moody and Sankey.
USA, 1875.
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Paul_by_ramsayW.M. Ramsay:
St. Paul the traveler
and the roman citizen.
UK, 1907.
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twelve_pionerGeorge Smith:
Twelve pioner
USA, 1900.
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The_Autobiography_of_Saint Thérèse_of_LisieuxThe Autobiography of
Saint Thérèse
of Lisieux.
UK, 1912.
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The Life Of Flavius JosephusWilliam Whiston:
The life of
Flavius Josephus.
Marsh, 2002-2003.
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The life of Andrew Murray of south africaDu Plessis:
The life of Andrew
Murray of  S. Africa.
USA, 1919.
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The life of Jesus MessiahAlfred Edersheim:
The life and times
of Jesus the Messiah.
USA, 1953.
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Madam GuyonAutobiography of
Madame Guyon
in two parts.
Harry Plantinga, 1995.
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Labour of eminent divineNason/Beale,Jr.:
Lives and labors
of eminent divines.
USA, 1895.
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life and work of MoodyA. W. Williams:
Life and work
of Dwight L. Moody.
USA, 1900.
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Moody_by_chapmannWilbur Chapman:
The life and work
of Dwight L Moody.
USA, 1900
Read it here
Life_of_benedictGregory the Great:
The life of holy
father S. Benedict.
UK, 1898.
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Life of Moody by his SonWilliam Moody:
The life of Moody,
an autobiography
USA, 1900
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Life of ChristFrederick Farrar:
The life Of Christ.
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Autobiography of John WesleyBonamy Dobree:
Biography of
John Wesley
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Homework_of_DLMoodyThe home work of
D L Moody and
Moody's helpful talks.
USA, 1886.
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Biography of christianity till 6th centuryHenry Wace:
A dictionary of
christian biography &
literature to 6 AD.
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fifty_missionaries_heroesJulia lohnston
Fifty missionary
heroes, every one
should know.
Read it here
Deeper_experience_famous_christian Gilchrist Lawson:
Deeper experiences of
famous christians.
USA, 1911.
Read it here
wycliffeKen Connnolly:
John wycliffe,
a biographical
Read it here
biography_charles_finney_1908Charles Finney:
Charles G. Finney,
an autobiography.
USA, 1908.
Read it here
Arthur T. Pierson: A Sketch of his Life and Work Kennedy Maclean:
Arthur T. Pierson,
A sketch of his
life and work.
Read it here
Sankey's Story of His Own LifeIra D. Sankey:
Sankey's story
of his own life.
Read it here
Biography_of_songwriterJ. H. Hall:
Biography of
gospel songs
and hymn writers.
Read it here
A Synoptic Life of the Apostle PaulPhilip Y. Pendleton:
A synoptic life
of the
Apostle Paul.
Read it here
The harmony of the life of paulMark Copeland:
A harmony of
the life of Paul.
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