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INDEX of SERMONS and LECTURES By Charles G. Finney in mp3 for Download 

Sermons Charles Finney preached as a Revivalist/Evangelist Read by Tony

Lectures on Revival of Religion: Presented on Friday Evenings to His Congregation in New York City -- 1835. --[Read by Dennis Carlson]

  1. What a Revival of Religion Is
  2. When a Revival is to be Expected
  3. How to Promote a Revival
  4. Prevailing Prayer
  5. The Prayer of Faith
  6. The Spirit of Prayer
  7. On Being Filled with the Spirit
  8. Meetings for Prayer
  9. Means to be Used with Sinners
  10. To Win Souls Requires Wisdom
  11. A Wise Minister Will Be Successful
  12. How to Preach the Gospel
  13. How Churches Can Help Ministers
  14. Measures to Promote Revivals
  15. Hindrances to Revivals
  16. The Necessity and Effect of Union
  17. False Comfort for Sinners
  18. Directions to Sinners
  19. Instructions to Converts
  20. Instructions to Converts [continued]
  21. The Backslider in Heart
  22. Growth in Grace

Memoirs of Charles G. Finney: Known as his "Autobiography." 1868">--[Read by Dennis Carlson]

  1. Birth and Education
  2. Conversion to Christ
  3. Beginning of His Work
  4. His Doctrinal Education and Other Experiences at Adams
  5. Preaching as a Missionary
  6. Revival at Evans' Mills and its Results
  7. Remarks upon Ministerial Education

  8. Revival at Antwerp
  9. Return to Evans' Mills
  10. Revival at Gouverneur
  11. Revival at De Kalb
  12. Revival at Western
  13. Revival at Rome
  14. Revival at Utica
  15. Revival at Auburn in 1826
  16. Revival at Troy, and at New Lebanon
  17. Revival in Stephentown
  18. Revivals at Wilmington and Philadelphia
  19. Revival at Reading, Pennsylvania
  20. Revivals in Columbia, and in New York City
  21. Revival in Rochester, 1830
  22. Revivals in Auburn, Buffalo, Providence and Boston
  23. Labors in New York City in 1832, and Onward
  24. Early Labors in Oberlin
  25. Labors in Boston and Providence
  26. The Revival in Rochester in 1842
  27. Another Winter in Boston
  28. First Visit to England
  29. Labors in the Tabernacle, Moorfields, London
  30. Labors in Hartford and in Syracuse
  31. Labors in Western and in Rome, 1854-5
  32. Revival in Rochester in 1855
  33. Revivals in Boston in 1856-57-58
  34. Second Visit to England
  35. Labors in England and Scotland
  36. Work at Home