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arnoldEberhard Arnold
The selected works
of Eberhard Arnold
USA, 2007.
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Gregory of NyssaGregory of Nyssa:
Treatises, Etc.
USA, 1892
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Jonathan EdwardsJonathan Edwards:
Freedom of
the Will
USA, 2000
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Herford_Christianity_Talmud und MidrashR.T. Herford:
Christianity in
Talmud und Midrash
USA, 1975
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Schaff_the_Anti-Pelagian WritingsPhilip Schaff:
Augustin: Anti-
Pelagian Writings
USA, 1886.
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Berkeley_ human knowledge George Berkeley:
The principle of
human knowledge
Ireland, 2002
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Anselm Basic Works An Appendix in Behalf
of the Fool;
and Cur Deus Homo.
USA, 2000
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Select Works _the_Letters
Athanasius Athanasius:
Select Works and
Letters of Athanasius
USA, 1892.
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Archibald Robertson_the_ Letters of Athanasius,Archibald Robertson:
Select writings and
letters of Athanasius,
with prolegomena
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Schaff_Selected Works _ AmbrosePhilip Schaff:
Selected Works and
Letters of Ambrose
USA, 2004.
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